Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

Briley here had to take a break to get that holiday shopping done. I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday! I hope you all get what you want. Next year I hope to be a good one for information relating Homebased Business and more.

Until then Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Years....

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Marketing Strategies That Empower Success


LESSON #7 - Triggers That May Cause Email Filters To Delete
Your Email

"Print This Page - Makes For An Easier Read"


Even though you may have the perfect marketing plan, along
with the perfect email sales letter, you still have to
overcome the obstacle of the dreaded spam filters. Spam
filters are automatic and unrelenting, and what they do is
irreversible. When your message is snatched up before it
reaches your prospect`s inbox, it`s gone for good.

What an unfortunate fate for of all that beautiful sales
copy! To keep from having your messages go down the drain,
you need to know the words, phrases, and characters that
will cause your email to be treated like it has The
Plague -- isolated and left to die alone.

In today`s "Marketing Strategies that EMPOWER Success,"
lesson you`re going to learn certain words and numeric
characters that activate spam filters. If your email or
subject line contains these "hot button" words, it`s
good-bye consumer and hello trash bin.

Trigger Words & Characters That May Cause Email Filters To
Delete Your Email -or- How To Avoid Shooting Yourself in the
Foot on the Internet

Foolish, short-sighted marketers have created a "crisis" in
email in much the same way unscrupulous telemarketers gave
THAT business a bad name. (There`s nothing wrong with
telemarketing, per se, just with shady telemarketers and the
ones who interrupt dinner!)

By sending millions upon millions of unsolicited messages,
"bulk marketers" have turned consumers into enemies and
their email boxes into barricaded fortresses with fortified
perimeters. Utter the wrong word -- one of the "dreaded"
TRIGGER WORDS that email filters know and hate -- and
you`re wasting your time.

Your message will be deleted instantly and your carefully
crafted offer -- with all those brilliant headlines and
benefits, the terrific bonuses, the zero-risk guarantee, and
the irresistible post-script...none of it will ever be read!
What a waste.


The U.s. Congress has even gotten in on the act (pardon the
pun) of trying to cut down on the garbage truckloads of
unsolicited email that`s flying through cyberspace. In
2003, the CAN SPAM Act became official, with laws that
supercede state spam laws and fairly clearly spell out what
is and is not acceptable and required when it comes to
sending email. Janet Wilson, owner of Empowerism, has
written a user-friendly summary and article about the CAN
SPAM act, which is available in the latest issue of
Empowerism`s Excellence magazine.

So how can you ensure that your emails make "safe harbor" in
a cold, cruel, and unwelcoming cyber-world? Good question.

The best way to help your message reach the eyes that you
want to see them is to familiarize yourself with the TRIGGER
WORDS AND CHARACTERS that activate filters and get your
message a one-way ticket to the trash. Get to know them and
then never use them.

Here`s the trick: JUNK AND ADULT CONTENT FILTERS work by
looking for specific KEYWORDS, key phrases, and key
characters (like the dollar symbol, for example). Filters
check the To and From addresses for these keywords. Then
they go hunting for those words in the subject line and the
body of the message, or in a combination of the two to see
what`s being used and over-used.


"Over-used" is an important part of the trigger word
equation. A single use of the word "fr ee" (as an example),
probably won`t "raise an eyebrow" on a common filter. But
use the word a dozen times and it`s "Goodbye Charlie."

=> THE EMPOWERISM "Z" LIST (as opposed to the "A" list)

To serve you better, Empowerism has compiled an
up-to-the-minute list of common "trigger" words and
combinations that when used - or overused - activate spam
filters. Use this information to wrap your messages in a
protective "force field" that even the most powerful filters
will pass right over.

Triggers That May Cause Email Filters To Delete Your Email
AKA: The Empowerism "Z" List

- First 8 characters of the From address are digits
- Subject contains "advertisement" or "adv"
- Body contains "money back"
- Body contains "cards accepted"
- Body contains "spam removal instructions"
- Body contains "extra income"
- Subject contains "!" AND Subject contains "$"
- Subject contains "!" AND Subject contains "free"
- Body contains ",000" AND Body contains "!!" AND Body contains "$"
- Body contains "Dear friend"
- Body contains "for free?"
- Body contains "for free!"
- Body contains "Guarantee" AND Body contains "satisfaction" OR "absolute"
- Body contains "more info" AND Body contains "visit " AND Body contains "$"
- Body contains "SPECIAL PROMOTION"
- Body contains "one-time mail"
- Subject contains "$$"
- Body contains "$$$"
- Body contains "order today"
- Body contains "order now!"
- Body contains "money-back guarantee"
- Body contains "100% satisfied"
- To address contains "friend@"
- To address contains "public@"
- To address contains "success@"
- From address contains "sales@"
- From address contains "success."
- From address contains "success@"
- From address contains "mail@"
- From address contains "@public"
- From address contains "@savvy"
- From address contains "profits@"
- From address contains "hello@"
- Body address contains " mlm"
- Body address contains "@mlm"
- Body address contains "///////////////"
- Body contains "check or money order"
- Body contains "click here" or "click below" (try using "visit here" instead)


It`s going to take a little more creativity on your part to
write emails that won`t be deleted by filters. You`ll need
to replace trigger words with equally effective non-trigger
words. But don`t worry -- that`s why the Thesaurus was

Today, you`ve learned how to protect your messages from
being deleted by spam filters. Next time, we`re going to
talk about how to make sure your messages are hitting the
right target audience to ensure a "bullseye" for selling.


Briley Knox

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

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