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Secrets Of Chat Room Marketing Exposed

The Secrets Of Chat Room Marketing Exposed
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Chat Room Marketing is the use of online chat rooms to
promote your product or service. Chat rooms are usually
broken into categories. Find the right chat room where your
targeted audience would gather. Create a chat room profile
with your ad, business info, or signature file in it. Announce
to everyone in the chat room something interesting or free
that's offered on your web site. This will draw visitors to
your web site. Always be aware of chat room rules before
engaging the visitors in a sales pitch that could be considered

Send electronic messages to target people in the chat room
that would be interested in your products or services. Start a
conversation with them. After a few moments indirectly
bring your sales pitch into the conversation. This is a great
way to do one-on-one selling electronically. Do not directly
SPAM them with your messages.

~Marketing With Your Web Site's Chat Room~

Just having a chat room on your Web site can create an
online community and bring visitors to your Web site. Host
a free online seminar in your chat room about a subject of
your expertise. Use a chat room to meet with current
customers if they have any questions or problems. Regularly
schedule free events in your chat room. Schedule experts to
speak in your chat room.

Host other people's chat rooms as an expert. Charge for
doing this to earn extra money or just do it for free to gain
publicity. Make sure your spelling and grammar is correct
when chatting, so people understand what you are typing.
Use some chat room emotions and acronyms to help people
understand you're typing.

Use " :D " to show your laughing

Use " :) " to show you are smiling

Use " BTW " which means "by the way"

Use " FAQ " which means "frequently asked questions"

Use " IMHO " which means "in my humble opinion"

Use " LOL " which means "laughing out loud"

Use " TU " which means "thank you"

Marketing your products or services in chat rooms is a
more personal way to gain new customers. Prospects are
actually communicating with you instead of reading your ad.
You may even make a few friends along the way.

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