Friday, November 19, 2010

Affliliate Junkies

What are affiliate junkies well they are people who sign-up for affiliate program and never do anything with them. I my self don't underestand why you would sign-up for a program and not work with it what the point. If anyone know please share your point of view with me here. I for one know that internet marketing is a number game but I truely believe that these people hurt the marketing system that have good income opportunity. If you don't understand a system then don't sign-up unless you are going try to work the system. Why waste you time and other Marketer who are trying to teach other how to make income on the net....Just my OPINION!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Republicans Control The House

Ok the Republicans got control of the house now what the budget gits fix, a boat load of new jobs, stock goes up, housing market git's better, if you think so you are fooling yourself. Until we start to take care of our self we will still be in the same situation. (take care of Home First). We need them all to work together for the gearter Good of th USA......