Sunday, July 29, 2012

10 Ways To Sell Your Ad Space Like Crazy

10 Ways To Sell Your Ad Space Like Crazy
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1. Give your customers a discount when they spend
over a certain dollar amount for ad space. You can
also apply this tip to the amount of ads they buy.

2. Offer your customers a free bonus for renewing
their ad order. It could be an ebook, special report,
online utility, etc.

3. Sell advertising space between your content. You
just break an article in half and insert the banner or
classified ad between it.

4. Write content that's tailor made to mention and
relate to the product your customers are advertising.
This is more work but, you'll sell a lot of ads.

5. Tell your customers when they buy an ad you'll
also add it to your free ebook and message board
for free.

6. Offer to endorse the product your customers are
advertising before or after their ad. In all honesty,
you would have try out the product first.

7. Write a review for your customer's product to
place under their ad. This is similar to a testimonial
or endorsement but more in-depth.

8. Offer a buy 2 ads and get 1 free deal. With the
slow economy and advertising sales, most businesses
are bound to be looking for a good ad deal.

9. Give your customers a ton of free bonuses when
they buy ad space. It can be submission software,
an ebook full of advertising or copywriting tips, etc.

10. Guarantee your customer's advertising results.
If they don't like the traffic they receive, give them
a refund or another ad for free.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

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Effective Advertising Techniques

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