Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Setting Goals

Goals-setting is the reigning king of all success techniques. For decades we have been told that if we we simply write down our goals and reads them daily, somehow we will reach them. My reach shows that eight out of ten things a person writes on a goals list will never happen. Eveyrone has goals they don't achieve and many they don't even begin to work on.

How do feel when you look at your list of goals six month after writing them down and see that most have gone unmet? So how do you feel about yourself when you see that most of your goals never become reality? No one every feels good-let alone great-about the fact that they only achieved one or two goals out of ten. Rarely do we consider whether the goal-setting advice was wrong. We always assume that the reason for failure lies within ourselves. After all, if the experts and gurus said this was the way to succeed, who can argue with them? And blindly putting faith and trust in the much-ballyhooed key to success invariably leads us to more wasted time effort and money.