Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Can You Afford To Get Sick

Hi Briley here and I want to share with something that happen to me . While working my nine to five I started to having this back pain but, I continue to working. Later I found out the I need to have a operation on my back. OK, so I check into the hospital had my operation and everything went well. Then I found out that I had cancer in my Bone Marrow. Which means that I would need a Stem Cell Transplant. According to my Doctor if, I would have never has the back operation they would have never seen the cancer in my bone marrow until it started to spread. So now I need treatment for the cancer in my bone marrow. This also cause me to be off work for seven mouths. Now my Insurances only offer short term disability in my case that only lasted for 26 weeks. Here's the kicker you only get a third of what you make every two weeks. The two weeks are also included in the 26 weeks, which means their pay you for about six months. After that you are out of luck!!!. This is my insurance. What I am suggesting to you is that you check out your insurance and see what your benefits are if you can't work how muck their pay you and for how long.
Now mind you my back operation cost some were around $100,000 and if I have the Stem Cell Transplant it's going to cost around $500,000. Now do you thing that the Insurance company want to pay for these two transaction. No I think not that the very reason that I have to return to work. So the insurance can pay for my first operation. I will deal with the Stem Cell Transplant later on down the roads.

All I am saying is check out your insurance and see what they offer you when you can't work for an long period of time and make sure that you are covered!

Warm Regards,
Briley Knox

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