Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10Sizzling Ways To Ignite Your Profits

1. Create a memorable logo and slogan to brandyour business on the internet. When they see yourslogan or logo it will remind them of your business.2. Multiply your marketing all over the internet bycreating free bonuses for other business' products.You just include your ad somewhere on the bonus.3. Offer to buy advertising space inside electronicproducts like ebooks, software, subscription sites,etc. It will be cheaper than print insert ads.4. Increase your sales by adjusting your productor service to attract other target audiences. Thismay mean redesigning or adding on to it.5. Test the prices of your product or service. Youmay increase the perceived value by raising yourprice and a lower price may decrease your sales.6. Use your product's features to support all of yourbenefits. Just because benefits are more important,don't forget to list the features.7. Market yourself or business as an expert. Mostpeople have been told throughout their life to trustand respect the authoritative figures in society.8. Train yourself and your employees to be politeto all your customers, even if they're shouting Solvetheir problem quickly and it may even turn into a sale.9. Give your visitors a good impression when theyfirst visit your web site. Don't make the first thingthey see at the top of your home page a banner ad.10. Join online business associations. Most will giveyou a membership graphic to put on your web sitewhich will give your business extra credibility.Quote of the Day:"Hope is necessary in every condition. The miseries of poverty, sickness and captivity would, without this comfort, be insupportable." -- Samuel Johnson Warm regards,Briley Knoxhttp://www.bbktmks.comP.S. Try this, : really works!Website not pulling in the cash?The key to success lies in running a 100% automatedhome-based business selling YOUR own product.Get a FREE download that'll instantly make one for youat:

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