Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hey People Do Care About The High Gas Prices

Well somebody dose care there word around the Net is not to buy GAS on Tuesday May 15, 2007. Theses Companies are making Billion of Dollars what more do their want. Evertime the prices go up I heard something about doing an investigation of these companies. Who's doing these investigation and what are the results. I read in the New Paper that one gas station owner was give people a discount on Gas which was maybe .03 or.04 cents. Do you know that the State order him to stop give the discount to his customers because it was to good how do you like that. Know who you vote for these poeple making the laws are not in tunes with what you want! I also want to know who's business is it the owner or the State sounds to like something that this country has fought against !!!!! Beware what going on in our country. To much control of what you can do with your life!!!

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