Monday, January 07, 2008

Marketing Strategies That Empower Success

In today`s "Marketing Strategies That EMPOWER Success"
lesson, you`re going to learn how to protect yourself and
your money from ineffective email lists. I`m going to
introduce you to the safe-and-sound distribution techniques
that will ensure that your message is always welcomed into a
recipients` inbox, not his/her Trash Bin.

The Truth About Direct Email & Email Lists
Part 2: What`s Safe

=> Safe Email Marketing

Safe email marketing in the direct marketing/Internet
marketing world is called OPT-IN EMAIL MARKETING. This is
an important term and one you need to commit to memory as a
fundamental building block in successful marketing.

You`ve probably seen ads in trade magazines offering "Opt-in
Email Lists." This is your best bet when conducting a
direct email campaign. Opt-in lists help you identify
people that are "pre-sold" when it comes to receiving offers
in the mail. By opting-in to a list, they let you know that
they`re eager to read about something new and beneficial.

Safe Email Marketing breaks down into these 2 categories:

-Paid Safe Lists
-Opt-In List Rentals


This is a twist on opt-in email marketing where you pay for
the privilege of being able to send email to a list of other
marketers who have done the same. A paid safe list can range
in price from $2 and up.

The advantages: you don`t have to send the emails using your
ISP and you won`t have to worry about spam complaints and

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This type of list is similar to a standard "specialty"
direct mail list. It`s targeted and aimed at people who are
interested in what you have to offer.

Companies that offer list rentals usually collect millions
of email addresses by advertising well-branded, popular
products and services. Also they may offer no-cost
newsletters and/or contests as a way to capture addresses.

Opt-in list rental companies ask interested people to fill
out a form on their website. The forms gather as much info
as possible, which allows the company to better categorize
their email lists according to preferences by industry:
gardening, bodybuilding, Internet marketing, etc.

Of course you`re going to pay more to rent this type of
list, but you won`t find a better-targeted audience for your
offer. These companies do the mailing for you, so you won`t
have access to the names.


Briley Knox

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