Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Self-Employment

Swimming Pool Promotion: Why Self-Employment May Be The Ultimate Career Advancementby Yank Elliott, MBA & IAHBE WriterImagine the casual elegance of working from your swimming pool gazebo. So what if you?re among those who have lost their job in all the cuts going on in the workplace? You will say, ?This is terrible. Over 500,000 jobs are being cut every single week in the US; I need a job, not a swimming pool.? Yes you do, but think about the potential opportunity you have to look around and see if a new career is in order for you. It is always the right time to become an entrepreneur and work for yourself?if you aren?t working anyway, what better thing to do than see if there is some way you can hire yourself. Too finish reading this article check it out at

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