Wednesday, January 11, 2012


How many time have you heard this before, Its only a numbers game. If you talk to enough people, you’re going to be succeed. The majority of affiliate fail because they don’t speak to enough people. Success through numbers is only half true. Prospecting is a number game, If you don’t speak to enough people, you can’t possibly win.
There are other aspects to prospecting. How good are you at listening for what’s important or missing in that person’s life. Find a need and fill it. Can you create enough value to get your prospect’s full attention? Are you attractive as a business partner and sponsor?
Consider the numbers aspect first. How do you know how many people are enough? That depends upon your goals and your ratios. That means how many people you bring into your business. Your goal must be grounded in your ability to take actions required to accomplish that goal. Your daily level of activity needs to able to support your goals and expectations.
By ratios, I’m referring to the average number of prospects you will need to put one person into your business, maybe you need to speak to 20 or more prospects before one will agree to join your company. Let’s say that for every 10 new affiliates one will fit your definition of a leader out to build a large business in partnership with you. From these ratios you can see that you would need to prospect 20 people to find one new affiliate.
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