Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10 Ways To Gain An Avalanche Of Sales

10 Ways To Gain An Avalanche Of Sales
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1. Utilize holidays to increase your visitors or sales.
You could give away free electronic greeting cards,
hold discounts, send customers holiday cards, etc.

2. Become well known by speaking or chatting at
seminars. The seminars could be held offline, in
a chat room, by telephone or via e-mail.

3. Start a free ebook club on your web site. People
could sign up to receive a free ebook from you each
month. Just include your product ad in the ebooks.

4. Give away your products or expertise to internet
business newbies. Just ask them in return to place
your link on their web site.

5. Trigger your visitors to buy your products by using
colors. You should totally relax and think about which
colors would compel prospects to order.

6. Let your past offline customers know about your
web site. When they visit and sign up to your e-zine
it will remind them to shop at your online store.

7. Create a long term relationship with your entire
customer base. You can stay in touch with them
through an e-zine, with greeting cards, etc.

8. Repeat the 3 most powerful or appealing benefits
throughout your ad copy. Repetition can brand your
product's benefits quicker in your prospects mind.

9. Give your new customers surprise free gifts. This
will increase their loyalty and give you more word of
mouth advertising.

10. Make your long ad copy interesting enough so
people click through to the next web page. If it's not,
they won't take the time to click and read more.

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"The happiest person is the person who thinks the most
interesting thoughts." -- Timothy Dwight


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