Friday, May 26, 2006

10 Bonuses That Will Sell Your Products Faster

10 Bonuses That Will Sell Your Products Faster

1. Consulting-Give your customers advice on topicsrelated to your product or service. You can consultvia e-mail, message board or chat room.

2. e-Book-Compile related product information orinstructions into an ebook. You could publish it intext, pdf, html or exe format.

3. Customer's Only Discussion Board-Make a placeonline for your customers to communicate aboutyour business or similar information.

4. E-mail Newsletter-Publish an informative e-zinethat keeps your customers informed of importantor helpful information related to their purchase.

5. Private Web Site-Give access to a private partof your web site were customers can find helpfulinformation non customers can't access.

6. Download Software-Allow your customers todownload software that's similar to or complimentstheir main purchase.

7. Online Utility-Give customers a web utility thatwill make their life easier. It can be a calculator,graphic creator, web site submitter, etc.

8. Chat Room Class-Teach your customers how tobetter use your product or about a subject thatrelates to their purchase.

9. Online Video-Allow customers to download orview a related how-to video or informative seminarright over the internet.

10. Online Audio-Allow customers to downloadand listen to a recording of an expert that is beinginterviewed right over the internet.

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