Friday, May 05, 2006

Marketer's Corner

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Today Feature Article: Tip On Starting a Home Business

Frist and fore most you need a Plan.

You need to set Goals.

Set up a budget for you business

Selet the product that you want to promote.

Get a web site set up to promote you products

That's a few thing that you would think about when you decide to step out on this life changing trek. I found that if you don't have a lot of money you can try a Affiliate Program. There some that will let you start for Free. There Program that offer you free internet coruses and support to help lean how to run your business and make a profit while you learn. If you decide on an Affiliate program you should read everything about their products and find out how you can make profit with their system. It can be done if you apply youself.

I was reading an article the other day in the business section with states: AT&T cutting 7,400 more jobs!!! Hey with all these jobs cuts what are we going to do how do we pay for our bill , vacation,car notes, ect. The time is now get you own business up and going so if something like this happen you will be perpared.

When I first started this business I was in it for the money, but the more I learn about this business the more , I realized that helping other get start and become successful is more important to me. So that in it self make me a very rich person!

All The Best, Briley Knox,

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