Thursday, June 08, 2006

Living With Diabetes

What is diabete? Diabetes is a disease which affects sugar metabolism. It occurs because one of your organs, the pancreas, is not working properly. When food is digested in your stomach, it is broken down into glucose (A form of sugar). The glucose travels in the bloodstream to the cell of your body, Providing them with energy.
The pancreas makes insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps glucose and other nutrients enter the cells. When the pancreas dose not produce enough insulin your cells can't get the glucose they need. The glucose stays in your bloodstream instead of going into the cells. That is why your blood glucose levels are high and, as a side effect of this, you end up feeling tired.
You should go over the following health concerns with your doctor or diabetes educator.
Meal Plan:
Keep track of how many calories you are eating each day, and how well you are sticking to your agreed upon meal plan.
Blood Sugar Testing:
Review how often you are testing your blood glucose, and at what times of the day.
Safety Check on (Blood Glucose) Meter:
Your blood glucose meter should be checked to make sure your self testing results are accurate. This involves cleaning the meter and testing with a control solution.
Foot Care:
Essentials of foot care involve not smoking wearing loose-fitting shoes. Clipping toenails properly, and self-examination (using a mirror if necessary).
Low/High Blood Sugar:
You should keep track of the times your blood sugar seems abnormally high or low, and examine the factor that may be the cause.
Exercise Plan:
Review what type of exercise you have been doing; how often; how long; and at what times of the day. For more information on this check (B&D).
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