Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 WAys To Light Up Your Sales

10 Spellbinding Ways To Light Up Your Sales 1. Specialize your product or service if you have toomuch competition. If you're selling an advertising book,rewrite part of it and target it just to pet businesses. 2. Sell a lead in product for super cheap, even ifyou loose a little money. If people like it, you havea greater chance to sell your higher price product. 3. Give people a free version of your product. Ifit does what you say they, will pay for the up-gradeor deluxe version to get more benefits. 4. Ask your visitors outcome questions in yourad copy like: "Where do you want to be financiallythe next two years?" This'll persuade them to buy. 5. Give your product away for free to people thatwill agree to influence your target audience to buy it.It could be experts, famous athletes, actors, etc. 6. Give your potential customers a bonus that willactually pay for their purchase. It could be moneysaving coupons, an affiliate program, etc.7. Make your sales letters or ads sound like it iscommon sense to buy your product. For example: "Everyone knows you can't make money..." 8. Make sure your ad copy sounds like you knowwhat you're talking about. If people sense you oryour business doesn't, they won't buy. 9. Load your ad copy up with tons of benefits andbonuses. People will think and feel like they aregetting a lot for their money if they buy. 10. Assume your potential customer is going tobuy. For example: "Dear Future Millionaire". They will want to buy in order to feel that way.
Quote of the Day:"Happiness and love are just a choice away." -- Leo Buscaglia
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