Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jobs Cut's

Circuit City cut about 3,400 jobs across the board. Here is the kicker. One person that lost his job was making about $12.50 an hour. Circuit City Brass said that he was making to much money so he got a pink slip. They want to put a person in his spot that makes about $10.50 an hour. This person also has work for the company for about ten years.

The company related to these people that got pink slips, they could re-apply for these job in about ten weeks at a lesser rate. My question is what up with these company? They can do anything that they want to their employee and think that it OK. We are the ones that are just living from check to check trying to pay our bills and live our life, but they won't let that happen. I don't know if they had any Unions to talk up for them or not but it is need for companies like this.

I thing you should look into starting your own business! That My Opinion!!!
posted by Briley Knox

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