Sunday, April 15, 2007

2006-2007 "Online Marketer of the Year"

My friend Stone Evans has been nominated for the 2006 - 2007"Online Marketer Of The Year" award.
Check it out here:'ll have a chance to login to Stone's personal computerand watch him compete against the top marketers in the worldincluding:Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, Robert Allen, Mark Joyner, YanikSilver, Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren, Nick Marks, GaryAmbrose, Alex Mandossian, Anik Singal, Armand Morin, BillGlazer, Bill Harris, Brad Antin, Brad Fallon, Carl Galletti,Dan VanOrman, Dave Lakhani, David Frey, David Garfinkel,Donna Fox, Eric Holmlund, Gauher Chaudhry, Harris Fellman,Jeff Johnson, Jill Lublin, Joel Comm, Joshua Shafran, KeithBaxter, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Liz Roberts, Lynn Pierce,Marc Harty, Matt Bacak, Michel Fortin, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming,Perry Marshall, Rhea Perry, Ray Edwards, Rick Raddatz, RyanDeiss, Shawn Casey, Stephen Pierce, Stu McLaren, TellmanKnudson, John Carlton, Frank Rumbauskas and RussellBrunson.You will have a chance to watch all of these legendarymarketers LIVE and vote on who gives the best content.Because they are very competitive people and want to winthis competition - they aren't going to hold ANYTHING back.
To register for this FREE webinar series, please enter yourname and email address in the form on the right on thispage: andyou will be given a free ticket to this webinar series.It's like the "American Idol" for Internet marketers...Enjoy the competition! :-)
Sincerely, Briley Knox

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